Even in autumn, opt for a colourful look

Even in autumn, opt for a colourful look






Because they are ultra easy to wear and because they are a basic that literally never goes out of fashion, the jeans are a total look for a maximum of kiff. You can choose the 501 version with a white t-shirt and an ultra oversized jacket with vintage inspirations. Another option: the urban style, in jeans to be worn with a jewelled belt and a pair of white trainers.



This season you will be able to add some fashionable touches to your style with flounces or XXL epaulette tops. How can you do this? Simply by making rugs out of stylish and imposing pieces! Between a comfortable and boyish look, they easily match with jeans bermuda shorts (in war like in war : cut an old pair of jeans if you don't have any), a slit skirt or wide high waist trousers (the base of the bases). 



Pink is THE colour of the season and is the star of the catwalk shows. It's so fashionable that you can see it on all the cool girls at Instagram. If you choose a pink top, for example, you can wear it with jean shorts and a pair of white trainers. If you bet on a pink XXL blazer (uuuuuuuuuuultra currently in fashion), you can match it with white shorts and a short top with thin white straps.



A warning to all those who regularly steal things from their boyfriend's wardrobe. If you are one of them, go for it! Opt for the oversized white T-shirt or the XXL blazer with large shoulder pads. If you're not yet used to this trend, don't panic! Instead, opt for a beige or olive-coloured jacket and trouser suit. The advantage is that you can find them at all ready-to-wear brands this season. And if you'd rather be sure, you can go out and find the white shirt that your boyfriend uses to make taffeta and turn it into a dress. It also works for t-shirts, we say that, we say nothing.

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