Trendy style in summer

Trendy style in summer



Some tips that give a crazy style during the summer season.


1) The Rock T-Shirt

We don't think about it often enough, but a slightly oversized t-shirt with a print can go with many, many things.

First of all, it brings a cool and casual side to more sophisticated pieces like a feminine skirt or short shorts.

Then, it can become the best friend of your dresses that are a little too low-cut or a little too feminine. You put it over it and you have a whole new outfit. This is what I call "the art of buying your wardrobe". So you mix pieces that have nothing to do with each other.

You wear it with something feminine or colourful so that it doesn't look too rocky: a colourful skirt, immaculate white shorts, pastel Chinese trousers, etc.


2) The bohemian skirt

Its simple print and half-tone colour is very easy to wear with other shades more pastel, khaki or black.

It can be worn with a blouse in the evening or a t-shirt and a little skirt during the day.


3) The military jacket

This is the original, a piece that belonged to someone in the army!

Less rigid than the leather jacket and much more versatile, it has an unequalled cut thanks to its thick cotton.

You wear it with :

Prints, colours, heels, lace, lipstick.... in short, everything that makes it feminine and you avoid the t-shirt/jeans combination, otherwise you really become the army.

The military jacket allows you to "break" the too feminine or too sexy style of a dress or top with a neckline.


4) A very colourful piece

Whether it is a dress, skirt, trousers or top, the colourful piece has an incomparable style.

The aim here is to choose it in a bold colour that makes you vibrate.

Magenta, royal blue, chick yellow, aniseed green.... let yourself be carried away and intoxicated by the colour!

Forget the outdated concept of colorimetry, we all have the right to colour! Dare to wear colour, it shines, you will be delighted, I promise you.

You wear it with :

Neutral shoes to calm the game, like naked sandals or camel-coloured boots or even pretty white trainers for contrast.

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