A few ideas for neutral style

A few ideas for neutral style



Compose beautiful autumn palettes


Don't go in the black right away! It is still possible to push back the massive arrival of black by choosing other dark colours: navy blue, bottle green, brown, anthracite, wine-red, plum? The choice is vast, take advantage of it!


Create beautiful colour palettes for your outfits, inspired by nature for example!


You can think of an autumn palette to create consistency in your colours. To do this, start with your basic colours, those that are most present in your everyday look. Then, think of stronger or less common colours that would go well with your basic colours, limiting yourself to 3 or 4 to be in harmony. Here are some ideas for palettes :


  • ■ Spicy colours: chocolate, orange, brick red, saffron yellow

  • ■ Palette reminiscent of the undergrowth: taupe, khaki, moss green, hazelnut, sand

  • ■ Tree leaves: plum, burgundy, pumpkin orange, golden yellow


Try to visualise these palettes with your basic colours: from grey to jeans blue, via camel, it works almost every time!


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